About Us

Our Philosophy

Our clients and their objective are at the core of every aspect of our service. Central to that goal is providing our clients with high quality legal advice efficiently and in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in the relationships we build and maintain with our clients.

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In these uncertain times, we understand our clients want our advice to be clear and the solutions we provide to be certain. They also expect clarity and certainty on our fees. That is why we abandoned the traditional 'hourly billing' pricing model in the majority of our practice areas and adopt the more client friendly fixed fee and performance related pricing structures. Above all, we are flexible with our pricing.

This means that we are clear with our clients at the start of a matter what we anticipate our fee will be. In the majority of instances, our full fee will only be payable once our client's objectives have been met. Our clients instruct us for solutions, they want results - we understand that and we are happy to be paid our full fee only when that objective is met.

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Progressive, Dynamic

The foundation to our philosophy is our truly progressive business & working model. We are adaptive, flexible and modern.

This is why we use advanced information and communications technology. Apart from e-mail which is our primary means of correspondence, we utilise SMS/text messaging to update our clients. Our advanced case and practice management system facilitates faster, more efficient handling of our client's matters. We also deploy Enterprise 2.0 software to enable our clients and referrers to access a live web feed of the progress of their matters.

Our information & communications technology allows us to maintain electronic records of our files and is part of our commitment to business continuity planning and disaster recovery. In the event of a disaster, such as fire or flood, we can return to normal operations within a matter of hours rather weeks or months.

We do not maintain expensive redundant office space as most of our work is done over the phone, by e-mail and post. When necessary, we adopt 'pay as you use' facilities, such as conference/meeting rooms. This substantial saving in costs is passed on to our clients through our competitive pricing structure.

We also do not employ junior members of staff that require extensive training. Our clients pay us for practical, timely and cost-effective legal advice. They do not pay us to be a training organisation.