Environment & Social Responsibility

John Donne (1572-1631): "... No man is an island, entire of itself ..."

We understand that the decisions we make, the actions we take (or don't take) and the manner in which we conduct ourselves has a wider impact on the environment and society that we inhabit.

As part of our commitment to being environmentally responsible, we have signed up to and adhere to the principles of the Legal Sector Alliance. We aim to take action on climate change by reducing our carbon footprint and adopting environmentally sustainable protocols.

Some of what we do to achieve this includes corresponding by e-mail as much as possible, (where unavoidable) printing with a smaller font & smaller borders, double-sided and on recycled paper. We also choose green energy suppliers and supplies, to name a few.

We aim to be socially responsible and in this regard, we are working towards the Lexcel quality assurance standard. We have already implemented some aspects of Lexcel, including risk management, business continuity planning and disaster recovery. In the near future, we will be rolling out our charitable initiatives as part of commitment to social responsibility.